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Goldschwanz Award

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extract of the speech held today



This week I have the pleasure and privilege to be allowed to deliver the laudatory speech to the prizewinning Gentlemen Clients who will receive the Goldschwanz Triple A Award.

I am delighted that the prizewinning Collective of Gentlemen Clients were able to attend today. The first prize awarding ceremony is being held at China Club Berlin while thousands gentlemen clients are listening through the Internet and all over the planet.

The selection of award winners is based on the criteria of personality, kindness, reliability, trustfulness, function, aesthetic, sustainable and memorable experiences. Furthermore trustfulness and sensitivity are essential companions of each individual encounter that starts right from the beginning with a personal phone chat or a mail request.
The awarding of prize is the result of decision-making of a qualified expert already, by myself, Madame Goldschwanz, founder of the Goldschwanz Foundation for greedy and needy girls and their opponents.

People have been disqualified in the contest if they could not fulfill the criteria mentioned above.

It is an honour for me to hand this prestigious prize to the Gentlemen Clients Collective Worldwide who showed the courage to meet an escort lady like me, a woman that is used to tell the truth and dirty jokes and who is always kept digging into socially sensitive and explosive topics thanks to my strengths and weakness.

Each single man is someone extraordinary with a special character and a sharp intellect, distinguished manners and a respectable citizen of hooker republic.

I may say that each of them share the common interest to explore the highest intimate level and the thirst for knowledge. They don’t live in a box and value independency and difference. They appreciate aesthetics, quality and comfort, invest time and money to find the right one. The gentleman client keeps always in mind that an escort lady is not a living doll and wants to make sure that she is not driven by coercion and offers her services in total free will and independently.

Gentlemen Clients don’t complicate communication, don’t confuse dialogue with interrogation; they keep an eye on hygiene and smell formidable and don’t tend to overintellectualise and questioning authenticity. The one-eyed snake shows them the right path.

With this in mind I say thank you to all participants and I wish you every success in upcoming dates, with or without me, and a cheerful new punting future!

Goldschwanz Award