englische Verhältnisse

Vielleicht hat ja schon jemand von der Massenhysterie rund um das grösste Marketing-Ereignis des Jahres gehört: anlässlich der englischen Traumhochzeit hat ein Kondomhersteller eine Sonderausgabe auf den Markt gebracht, namens „Kronjuwelen“, und das Hochzeitspaar strahlt uns von den Verhüterlis aus an. Falls jemand bitte ein Foto mit Überzieher von seinem besten Stück damit machen kann? Würde mich im aufgerollten Zustand dringend interessieren. Ansonsten bleibe ich bei meinen heissgeliebten Familienjuwelen. 😉

its women's day and I think of you …

Hi Guys …….. hello from Berlin! Its womens-day and I think about you guys *smile*, so that I send you sensual greetings and hope, things going fine with you.

Pls check my other blogs about trash fine arts and photography. I also do perform and entertain and love to make people laugh and think, particularly in difficult times. My program includes all my interests I m linked with: art, politics, eroticism …

I m pleased to announce that I m about to travel to London at the end of march to join the Sexworker Open University march 31st-april 5th to discuss and to perform. I am very much excited to perform the first time in front of an english and international audience, not nude, I m sorry.

If you want to see more and check out my talent as an equilibrist and courtesan, I have a special offer for you:
During my stay I offer exclusive bookings with no rush near Piccadilly Circus. Pls check more details on my aw-profile linked with my main web site.

For pre-bookings, specials, rates get in contact from now and email me a short introduction about you, your interests and so on.