Just to refresh my Christmas action in 2012 – bitte übersetzen mit Google oder Bing


This is a special christmas gift and its free for all people, who don’t celebrate christmas, are atheists, have no families, don’t want to visit them or aren’t able to celebrate bank holidays with their loved-ones, because they live abroad, just divorced or feeling lonely between december 24-26th. I will offer skype live chats in german, english and anonymous (text, voice, video at your request) each day, late afternoon between 4-6pm. Please drop me a note over email, also on a short term notice. People, men or women, I know from activism, clients, mates from my sexworker community I already know, with a reference to their nicks receive preferential treatment he he … people, who never got in touch with me before or weren’t able to afford or meet up can also join my christmas conferences 1:1, alternatively in a group. Depends from your needs and personal interest…

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