by Demoiselle Goldschwanz
reloaded and performed SWFF Kolkata 2012

I hereby declare solemnly the foundation of the United States of Angels
* an ex-territorial de-national Sexworkers global state
on behalf of the pussy-party
* and the International Sexwork-Rights-Movement.
The Pussy Party I was founded in 2005 entered into a coalition with the Pussy Labour Party in 2008*
After fierce conflicts with right-feminists and abolitionists,
we decided together with affiliated organizations
the Anglo guerrilla,
the vanilla sex party,*
the ASS – the Association to support* victims of bad sex* –
and the UFC – the union of freed chicks* -*
to express our self-determined interests independently.
A true liberation of sexuality has never took place on earth
*and for this reason, if for no other,
sex work still exist in the present as a global reality.*

We advocate a liberal and libertarian understanding of Sex & Eros.
we stand up for a liberalized dealing with sex and eroticism in general
**and paid sex in particular.
The risks of social consumption of any services in the sex industry,
usually we carry by ourselves.
Despite liberal laws in a very few countries, where sexwork never became truly decriminalized, our social environment becomes still permeated by discrimination, stigmatization and criminalization.
We hereby declare
that human rights and human dignity apply to everyone and
no matter if someone offer A-Levels or a rubber-coated Girlfriend-experience: no matter if escort or streetwalker
* a whore is a human, a human, a human beeing
*sexually self-determination of all sex workers.*
*free speech, travel, the right of assembly and association of all sex workers within a globalized world.
we call to implement the Brussel sex worker manifesto from 2005 to create decriminalization and legal certainty for all service providers and their clients.
*Bans lead to the opposite drifting into the underground,*
* increasing vulnerability of sex workers throughout its global.
We wish you to lead attention to the pacifying effect of *a sustainable sex drive*
within families, within – and between nations and states
* as a result of self-determined and not enslaved sexwork.
We stand for cultivation of pleasure
We wish for sexuality, that not only lustful discharge, but a source of life, sensuality, creativity, easiness and playfulness.
No more double standards and denial of sexual fantasies:

* Eroticism,* sex and love are the basis of mankind and humanity.
Women, men, trans* and intersex people who work with it are experts in this field, not collective scapegoats.
We say „never again“ and announcing to fight back*
and declare war on all hooker republics worldwide
to terminate* stigmatization and criminalization since ages.
The Hooker Republics true self exist in societies who’s favor economizing all human relationships,*
disabling a life free of fear, to put all eroticism to an end.
Pussies of the world unite!
We advocate partnership oriented and playfully dealing
with cashless and money paid transactions,
and remember our relatives,
the peaceful bonobos apes, who solve conflicts through sex.*
the chimpanzee era is over.
Stand up! for a satisfied Kolkata, for a satisfied India, for a satisfied world!

Another Performance.

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