beware: the trafficking trap and cargo cult science
This blog is from 2010 and still valid. I d like also to add the fact of „cargo-cult-science“ (Richard Feynman) is in full bloom.

Sex Work Policy, the blog

by Cheryl Overs.

Over the last few months I have been reading and writing about sex work and law. I have had the chance to comment on several excellent papers as they are being written and had some wonderful opportunities to work with skilled and knowledgeable activists in human rights, the women’s movement, HIV and sexual and reproductive health.  I have also had some great opportunities to learn from sex workers and hear the conversations that are taking place within the movement.

Of course there is plenty to say about so many aspects of sex work and law globally.  Much of it is being said by far more articulate people than me andthe PLRI website is dedicated to making that information accessible.  http://www.plri.org. Here I want to mention two issues that strike me as high priorities.

1.      A BIG MESS  : Sex workers have almost no say in research  and…

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