short notice

I just published another blog about the Sex Worker Freedom Festival Kolkata I joined this summer on the German adult dating site Kaufmich. I m also blogging on this site because it is a good network and place for virtual outreach. I also give a short introduction for forthcoming struggles around the German Prostitution Act. I m about to rationalise arguments to tackle the bill and I ll send it out later to all sex work related message boards and forums, to people and places online and offline, to create feedback, to improve my arguments and find consensus. I claim for fully decriminalisation, the exact opposite to licencing schemes and other changes to be planned by Conservatives (CDU/CSU) and German abolitionists. There are also many other people across all parties who argue for licensing and follow the abolitionist pitfall and trafficking trap. Thanks to the team Scarlet Alliance and many other people around the globe I follow and who work hard on that issue locally, regionally and internationally, I can find a lot of good arguments and knowledge to adapt to the specific German situation. I believe in the right ideas to empower and I m sure to be able to connect to many more to explain people to convince about the disharming effects of decriminalisation. Because there is still no sex worker organisation in Germany, we must find other ways to build alliances and fighting together with our allies. I m optimistic. Wish me luck.

German Update: Passend dazu und quasi als Einstimmung ist einer meiner letzten Beiträge hier zu verstehen.

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