upcoming: International Whores Day june 2nd

Decriminalization now! Why sex workers have no lobby! (german translation to be published june 2nd)

The 2nd June is „International Whores Day“, birth of the European Whores Movement. On this day in 1975 about 100 prostitutes occupied a church in Lyon/France, the first time to raise awareness about the criminalization of their work in public.

Until today sex workers have no political lobby. We are dependent on combatants who are committed to our interests and persuade a liberal jurisprudence. Unfortunately, the current german prostitution law is poorly implemented. Legal certainty is prevented by special provisions criminalizing sex work and limit. Zones cause the displacement of the visible prostitution in border areas and their descent into the ground. In many federal states the law on prostitution is still ignored, denied the trade license on the ground „social invaluable work“, which is why many colleagues working in undocumented areas. Due to the lack of enforcing our rights against sex workers take a lot of the anonymous work. In practice Sexwork is immoral under all (Sittenwidrigkeitsverdikt). It means that our services gladly taken up, but we are deprived of a say. In the mind of many citizens, we are not perceived as a people, but as „affected“ or some thing-like, under objection. Dehumanization and the denial of our dignity leads to hazardous work conditions. Only sensitized men are good customers, which we confront with grace and appreciation.

Customers such as sex workers may come out not to be heard loud and to represent their interests. It means the loss of their social existence.

The media industry, the red-light burned, badly researched and backed by false statements, it seems in the minds of the audience.

About prostitutes is spoken, rarely with them, quota-whores are invited to talk shows that keep the prostitution opponents hardly strong arguments against or hope to strike a profitable advantage of the indirect advertising for themselves or their business.

As a result, sex workers, their diverse forms, the complexities of this demanding industry, the diversity of our CVs hardly an expression is given to them, depriving our authority by prostitution opponents and populist driven forth with the blessing of an academic „EXPERTISE“ including magic number that the public regularly beaten with pseudo-scientific results in order to achieve one thing: the abolition and criminalizing of prostitution. The core element of current amendment of the german prostitution law.

Each historically conscious people with common sense is clear that sex is part of the cultural history of mankind and that no bans abolish the world prostitution, sex workers most exposed to incalculable risks.

When we talk about the causes of sex work and their social intercourse around the world, we need to think about the applicable sexual morality, about the sexuality is a natural desire and why societies that the „legitimate“ exercise of private sexuality, the sex of love and in the service of the reproductive power of prescribed standards, binds have found no other cultural ways of dealing with sex outside prostitution.

The companies have to ask themselves why they take the benefits of consumerism and globalization, of course, to complete, but ignore the flip side, until poverty knocks at their doorstep. You must be interviewed, why an agricultural policy allows people to starve in their homes, which led them to the survival, only to cross borders.

What should we think of a church policy that operates in Africa, shamanism, no decent sex education, with the result that millions of people die from the effects of HIV?

What does a sexual morality, celibacy in a psycho-sexual rape speaks the word, with the result that the issue of child abuse is gnawing at the pillars of the Church? What use to create policies that sacrifice?

You benefit in maintaining the status quo, that institutions of power, which is what is the norm and who cynically shear nothing for the human being, want to eliminate social inequality and opportunity injustice not at all, because it suits them, a world of consumers in cultivating, in favor of an ideology that people as a „commodity“ is responsible, to ignore the grassroots movements such as the sex worker rights movement.

Sex workers around the world are aware of the sad facts of sexual exploitation and slavery, and nothing into perspective. We merely that we are denying our self-determination, and we demand that we be involved in policy discussions and decisions that affect our work refuse. Sex workers rights are human rights!

Kaufmich.com, a german service provider (like adultwork, punternet, ter) launched a call to solidarize! Any supporters welcome! (only german language sorry). Non-Registered may comment on this blog or solidarize on Facebook. A virtual red umbrella demo seems to me a kind of progressive! Because of stigma and so on, for both sides.

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