and many women who are now dead or damaged might still be alive and healthy

„and many women who are now dead or damaged might still be alive and healthy“

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The Honest Courtesan

I have no respect for the passion for equality, which seems to me merely idealizing envy.  –  Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr

Among the few facts about sex work that everyone agrees upon is that there is a “whorearchy”, a sort of class system among sex workers.  Now, nobody agrees on anything about that system, only that it exists.  Many strippers, dominatrices, porn actresses, etc insist not only that they aren’t whores, but that they’re better than we are; those whose professions have separated enough from ours that they aren’t even considered sex workers any more (such as actresses and especially masseuses) can be very pompous about it.  Prostitutes, on the other hand, sometimes see themselves as better, smarter, more discreet, etc than strippers or porn starlets; sugar babies and other halfway whores deny that they’re sex workers at all; and some unusually self-deluded escorts will even try to draw…

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