hello Nicolaus

Yes Sir, I have been a good girl throughout the year …

4 Kommentare on “hello Nicolaus”

  1. haveanicedai sagt:

    Well, I am not going down that route…. actually, why not? Maybe, we need to discuss the difference between good girls and bad girls – or even better girls. At the end of the day it has all to do with the right usage and application of the „Rute“ – as the Germans say. Part of the proble is that the English translation does suggest quite a number of options and alternatives:

    You pick and choose, darling!

  2. Goldie sagt:

    Thank you sweetie *gg* the pole is mine!! And how to spell „Fleischpeitsche“ in english please?

  3. haveanicedai sagt:

    Mmmmh… Fleischpeitsche – this does consist of two parts. One would suggest you are a conassieur de boeuf and the second you are submissive. Both aspects are quite compelling. The remaining question is how to move from theory to practical exercises…. did I tell you that the two pictures are quite compelling as well? You have such a nice and sophisticated taste for fahion – but at the end of the day the truth is nacked 😉 And I believe in truth.

  4. Goldie sagt:

    Sub Connaisseur du boeuf …. the nacked truth so to speak; I suggest to translate it with a flesh-whip;-) that bangs on me; for future generations of translators who write history he he … hit me with your rhythm stick … my diodorus cronus

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