I ve learned so much during Sex Worker Open University – and I landed softly in Berlin due to a joyful encounter with a familiar gentleman whom I appreciate so much. 🙂 I m mentally, emotionally and sexually refreshed so far.
Hmm … people asked me to write more in english to read my blog. Ok I start to pass some information I ve learned last week.
Do you know what „dogging“ means and where it comes from? Dogging is an euphemism to describe sexual acts in public as I know. One interpretation of the etymology states that dog-walking as the origin because men usually telling their wives or police they are walking the dog to disguise their sexual escapes from home. „Papa geht mal schnell mit dem Hund“ is the german narrative and maybe one reason why not only married men but also many single men and women have dogs and enjoy their trips within nature. Nothing else makes more sense for me why people held and live with dogs. I ve no dog, I love „Dreibeiner“, a very special class.

Tomorrow I ll tell you why whores are heroes and let you know the difference between smart whoring and stupid whoring.

Someone is calling …
bye for now

2 Kommentare on “dogging”

  1. haveanicedai sagt:

    I wasn’t me – calling you. But maybe Shaggy….
    It is a great idea to switch to a sophisticated language which has some many interesting expressions to describe the „joy of the ordinaries“…
    Well, I do not have a dog either. maybe, that is why the two of us have met:-)
    Pure doggs are so often used to describe sexual practice – some even with style….
    I wish you a wonderful dark greyish evening

  2. Goldie sagt:

    No, it wasn’t you. It was a three-legged dog.

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