oppression – depression

I worked over two years to realise a political theatre project called LULU by Frank Wedekind, performed by Sexworkers. A hardly political play, check out on my other blog http://goldschwanz.blogspot.com/2009/08/lulu-project-erotik-rebellion.html (english version scroll down pls) and http://www.arianeescort.com/lulu.html and most important http://goldschwanz.blogspot.com/2009/06/lulu.html but it couldnt get realised in London, where my friend Elina and some producers werent able to get funding because of the credit crunch to get it on stage. Then, now, a couple of weeks ago, I wrote an email with my urgent request to a famous political theatre director Volker Lösch http://www.goethe.de/kue/the/reg/reg/hl/loe/por/enindex.htm and he was totally happy to find me, because he wanted to do a play with sexworkers about sexworkers and their rights for a long time, embedded in the classical plot of LULU. He read all my blog entries and we had strong talks in Berlin.
He wants to put it on stage asap at a very well known, famous theatre in Berlin, Schaubühne, rehearsals from mid oct, premiere dec 11th. Because he generally uses speaking choirs as a strong element in all of his plays who represent the people as in the ancient greek theatre we were looking for 20-30 female sexworkers (female because of LULU). Than I tried to find german or german speaking sexworkers in Berlin who want to play and linked a letter of the director with details in the web and had strong days of communication, chat. And you know what happened?
The first audition was today, 2 girls turned up, the second tomorrow. No girls are interested in politics or afraid of stigma, loose of time, money (I communicate that they could wear masks to protect their anonymity) I also started an outcall (ridiculous?) to find clients, citizens to fund each sexworker so that they can play and dont loose much money. The rehearsals and performances are not very profitable of course, because it is art, just a special amount.
In Germany Sexwork became legalised since 2001.

Whore Revolution (ref. to Emi Koyama) cant get on stage, because I cant find german speaking sexworkers in Berlin for a highly political play at one of the most famous theatres in Germany, directed by the best director in Germany!
There is no sexworker culture and almost no solidarity in Germany, almost no one interested in sexworkers rights, also the escort girls themselves. Last night I joined a discussion at an escort discussion board, around my appeal to join the play. You know what happened? Someone called me LULU and said that Jack is waiting for me. He meant the original play where Lulu has been murdered by Jack the Ripper. Other escort girls said my appeals and politics against stigma, criminalisation harm the business and that I victimise sexworkers by talking about realities, murder. In Austria i.e. sexwork is not legalised, in the last months so many hookers were killed, one escort girl survived an attack, a guy 15 yrs old „just want to kill a prostitute“ he said. In Europe the abolitionists are on their way and try to put down all positive steps against criminalisation.

However, the Theatre Project is urgently necessary and cant get on stage if we don’t find enough sexworkers. If we find only two women on tomorrow, this is not enough to build a choir that represents „the people“.
I am totally depressed, cried the rest of the day. Where are you my friends of the International Sexwork Rights Movement, my allies from abroad, my beloved sisters I met at the Desiree Alliance Conference to realise a (international) performance that is so urgently needed for all of us. Its so sad. I miss you so much.

you can circulate my letter if you want, I ve no power anymore


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