the apple of your pye

My new voyeurism – hyper realism series went online on my main website. Hope you like it!

7 Kommentare on “the apple of your pye”

  1. haveanicedai sagt:

    I really do like your new pics! Very authentic and in particualr your gorgeous smile is well taken. Your eye’s ability to flirt with the camera could make me jealous – however, I know they can do the sma to me… to be repeated soon…

  2. Be my camera! I m your naughty girl.

  3. sapasan sagt:


  4. haveanicedai sagt:

    Well, I take your kind suggestion as an invitation, my naughty girl. Light and shadow shall be your dress and undressing you is done by the switch of light. Not sure if the camera – over time – can keep the professional distance to the object… There are moments in life where inspiration and creativity shall take control….

  5. I think its time for a rich heiress b/w photo series and I need an assistant to shoot *g* before, while and after she s got fucked merciless … I lend you my camera while you digging her …. lit your candle and I follow the light

  6. haveanicedai sagt:

    b/w pics are great even if I thought to colour your life;-)) However, did I ever share with you why girls like basketball players? Easy, they dribble before they shoot… provided you are volunteering to be the victim the candle can easly becone a torch. Long, burning and hot… looking forward not only to assist…

  7. Now I know why basketball became my fav sport, great! I was always watching the NBA cup and wondering about the dribbles.

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