escort charity to feed the poor



hi can I ask you a question

yes ask me ;-);-)


I had soemthing cross my head the other day…a global charity that fights poverty but is funded by the escort industry..what a twist huh?

In the US the industry is rather big

darling, most sexworkers are really poor, also escorts, its just the glamourous image the media strenuously performs, not the reality. I just come back from US, I ve joined a sexworkers conference, also very sad stories I listened to. Some billionaires just give the half of their income away as Warren Buffett already did, 85% of his wealth in donation. Together with Bill Gates they just start an appeal to other billionaires to halfen their wealth and give it away in donation. I think these people are more able to share, not some hookers, streetgirls, escorts who are foremost struggling to feed themselves and their loved-ones.


yes i see..thanks for your honesty


published with his consent

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