* Brownie * special offer *

Back to Berlin just a quick note: Hire me as your brownie escort. Do you ve anything to nibble? Offer from now valid candy only for a short. My pale skin has been disappeared and I look like a californian blonde tanned bitch. For political correct reasons: „Bitch“ stands for

control of

Quote from my friend JJ I met at Las Vegas Conference. More special offers upcoming soon.

5 Kommentare on “* Brownie * special offer *”

  1. stefan0815 sagt:

    Attraktive Vorstellung. 🙂

  2. haveanicedai sagt:

    Welcome back! I am reading your special offer while having breakfast in LDN – no brownies on offer here. Next time we need to do better planning. Thinking about you as being calfifornian AND in total control of yourself – well, that sounds like a promise and a challenge! You should update your pics to wet my appetite. Even if I – honstely – are starving of hunger… but not for food.

  3. That’s a pity we couldn’t get together there. I m in London in August and September for a short time, till then I m white as snowflake, I guess. I took a lot of photography, but not upon myself. Maybe I ll find sth on a friends photostream and put it on this blog. hugs & nibbles xx

  4. nur der Popo ist weiss geblieben …. 🙂

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