In Vorbereitung auf meine USA-Reise habe ich in weiser Voraussicht das „ich bin ein Berliner“ Kennedy-Zimmer im Arcotel getestet. Die Matraze hat den Test bestanden, ist allerdings nur mit Bettritze erhältlich. Das Zimmer ist hübsch beflaggt und befindet sich in direkter Nachbarschaft zum Auswärtigen Amt und einem Steinwurf entfernt zur Temporären Kunsthalle, die nach zwei Jahren ihre Pforten mit einer abschliessenden Gruppenausstellung schließt, kuratiert von John Bock unter dem verheissungsvollen Titel: FischGrätenMelkStand, die u.a. verbrannte Pizzen an einer Wand hängend zeigt, einen Zigarettenstummel der Hollywoodlegende Jane Russel, Martin Kippenbergers Holzpaletten und eine Matrix aus 1700 zusammengenähten ausgestopften Socken.

Jane Russel

Abb. 2: „ick bin ein Berliner“ Zimmer für Leibesübungen und erholsamen Schlaf dank Air Condition; inkl. des größten Kühlschranks, den ich jemals in einem Hotelzimmer besichtigen durfte

7 Kommentare on “Vermischtes”

  1. haveanicedai sagt:

    Well Ariane, you are an experience traveller and you know preparation is needed. But how about an additional destination in the US? I guess it is fair to say there are not many nice place in your industry. This is rumoured to be an exception from the rule
    Why don’t you check it out and provide me with some feedback? No worries, I you can deliver verbally if your mouth is not occupied with something else….
    Have a save trip

  2. Additional destination now is NY I ve booked in; its a couple of weeks time and I cant awaiting for… Reading poems and performing in the desert is sth new to me. Working at a brothel its not my aim & interest, I ve heard about this famous and other ranches; girls need a work permission to suck, but its „legal“ in the rural sites of Nevada but only outside of Sin City.

  3. haveanicedai sagt:

    I did not suggest you should work at the ranch – thought more you can use your journalist skills and come back with one of your eye opening reports. If you suck a permission you have to work – elsewhere….
    NY – always worth a stop. Where are you staying? I will double check my schedule…..Would like to see you leaning at the window of a high floor room overlooking NY – and someone closely behind you
    BTW – is it true that every city which get knighted by your presence becomes Sin City?

  4. *muaah * thx darling for the smile on my face on a very hot & sweaty monday morning! Leaning at a ceiling-high window overlooking NY is a great perspective, also from behind; it reminds me to the movie „Tokyo Decadence“tokyo decadenceI regret, I ll stay at a friends house, I m low on time in NY. Dont be sad, cuddling virtually …. I ve bought one interesting book, regarding the weird ranches, a couple of years ago at a little london bookshop, when I start for myself to document my travels and picturing the transit; entitled „Brothels of Nevada“ by Timothy Hursley. I find a link with inside looks just for you; pls scroll down the linked site here.
    But I m in NY end of sept, early oct, a couple of days I guess, and we can make it really cinematic; or London next time …offering a strictly personal report just for you; hugs & kisses a.

  5. haveanicedai sagt:

    Well, it is so refreshing to know your are such a reliable person. I post what I was thinkinf of and you get back with this wonderful picture! I understand it will not be this time but there will be a day where I shoot you in the very same position – with my camera ;-))
    Thank you for the hint on the book – it looks like a worthwhile investment. If I can’t find it you can read it loud for me….
    Hugs & kisses

  6. I can take the dvd and the book with me next time, also my camera, yours is, how can I say, so tremendous and requires all spaces …… If we dont have other things to do …. I can read …. *g*;
    The link shows a collection of pics, not spectacular, more disillusioning with a weird chic. From the critics: „Timothy Hursley’s singular images expose the raw and fragile humanity dwelling behind the doors of Nevada’s brothels.“
    Better to keep my fragile body in mind while I m pushing ice cubes on my neck & chest, the legs wide open, fanning fresh air ahead …

  7. haveanicedai sagt:

    Sounds like a plan! We do know what to do – just the when and where is still to be confirmed;-(

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