Regel No 2

Don’t mix up Fashion-Victims with luxury goods. There is not truthfulness in power-shopping!

3 Kommentare on “Regel No 2”

  1. E sagt:

    Well, the picture would suggest fashion victims are sort of one sighted. Or is the focus on the left eye which – based on the actual medical research – seems to be connect more to left part of the brain is done on purpose? How does the avoidance of the right half od the brain influence shopping? And, are the findings useful for othe „s“-activities such as sex?

  2. sapsan sagt:


  3. goldschwanz sagt:

    yes, thats a good path to follow; I guess we can find correlating results in mind studies and psychology to prove; fashion victims, the term may can be described as an addiction for compensating void and loneliness, a lack of sense for life has to be compensated by things, its a sad truth, that many people affect who are depressed and dont be conscious about. Therefore the pic symbolise these lack and compares it as self-harm. In a more philosophical view point we can speak about a senseless lifestyle. Objectivication is the keyword, I m old school.
    My personal philosophy means, it is not necessary to possess things you adore: Honestly I love luxury and things of beauty, but I dont suffering to live the absence.

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